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Warehouse storage steel racks

  1. Product Description: 

Warehouse storage steel racks, which is also known as conventional pallet rack, is one of the popular solutions for industrial palletized goods storage. It is compatible with all type of handling equipment. It is efficient and 100% selectivity. It is simple and good for first in first out application. Its disadvantage is low utilization of floor space. The system is found in many warehouses, logistic center, commercial distribution center etc.

2. Product Specifications: 
Selective pallet racking is composed of basic element such as frames and beams. It also consists of a full range of accessories to fulfill all of your requirements. The system is designed for the optimized storage of goods of all sizes and weights. 


 80x60, 90x70, 100x70, 100x95,120x95mm

Hole Pitch 


Box Beam size

80x50, 100x50, 110x50, 120x50, 140x50, 160x50

Upright Thickness

1.8/2.0/2.3/2.5/2.75/3.0 mm

Beam Thickness

1.5/1.8 mm

Frame Height

Up to 12000mm

Beam Length

Up to 4000mm

Capacity per layer



Product Details:

The frames are composed of 2 uprights and a number of diagonals. The frames are bolted, resulting in a lower repair cost if they are damaged by lift trucks.

Each connection is secured with a safety lock.

The uprights are very accurately cold-formed, they can be produced in lengths of up to 12m for a single piece.



The box beam is composed of two cold-formed C-profiles, or it can also be made from a complete rectangle section. It is very resistant to torsion and provides great stiffness in both horizontal and vertical directions, with a load bearing capacity of up to 3-4 tons per beam level.


3. Product Features: 

Model NO.: 

PR 90


Steel Q235B


Jiangsu, China



Frame Height: 


Beam Clear entry:


Payment Terms

T/T, L/C

Beam Deflection:

1/200 L

Delivery deadline:

3-4 weeks




Selective Pallet Rack

HS Code:  



Warehouse Rack

Finish treatment:

Powder Coated

Frame Depth:


Loading Capacity

500kg-4000kg per level


1 20' container


Shanghai Port

Transport Package: 

Packed on Pallets and wrapped with Films



4. Available accessories: 
The optional accessories include Pallet support bar, Wire mesh decking, Grating panel, Steel shelves, Corner guard, Barrier, Frame protector, etc.  

5. Advantages:
Pallet racks improve the efficiency of warehouse operations by enabling more effective use of available space. Warehouse pallet racking helps warehouse managers make better use of vertical space because they can store materials on high shelves without risk.

Pallet racking also makes warehouses neater, which improves efficiency and helps to prevent misplaced goods. Consistent use of racks for storage increases pick and put away time and improves the flexibility of existing space. 

The only drawback to warehouse pallet racking is the high cost of buying new. That’s why many savvy warehouse operators buy used pallet racks.

6. Material and Methodology:

6.1 Raw material

The raw material of uprights and beams are structure carbon steel Q235B, equivalent to SS400.  The steel deck material is cold form sheet metal 0.7-0.8mm thickness. All components are manufactured to a code of practice as recommended by Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association(SEMA) and ISO 9001..

6.2 Paint finish

Parts contaminated with surface oil and dirt is first treated in the 5-stage-spray pretreatment plant. After the pretreatment process, the parts are dried in the dry-off oven at approximately 150 C to ensure removal of water and that the quality of phosphating is achieved.

Methodology:loading→degreasing→rinsing→phosphating→rinsing→ rinsing →

dry off →electric-static powder coating→baking→unloading;