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The two-level steel Mezzanine platform structure is completed


Calin Logistics has recently completed the two-level steel Mezzanine platform structure near Shanghai Pudong Airport (Shanghai Free Trade Zone). This steel Mezzanine covers an area of nearly 2,000 square meters. The floor panels are equipped with hot-dip galvanized steel gratings and steel grids. The grid is designed with 66mm*22mm grid and 30mm height.


It not only has good ventilation and lighting, but also meets the requirements of fire protection regulations. Able to achieve a permeability (permeability) of more than 75% of the fire sprinkler system. And the steel grating can reach a uniform distributed load of 600KG per square meter. The steel platform is divided into upper and lower floors, with 4 sets of stairs up and down in different directions, and 3 sets of loading gates to facilitate loading and unloading of the entire pallet. The steel platform is equipped with handrails all around. The conveying and sorting system will be installed on the two floors of this steel platform later.


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