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the introduction of Steel platform Mezzanine


the introduction of Steel platform Mezzanine


Steel structure platforms, also known as steel mezzanines, steel platforms, steel structure lofts or two-story lofts, are widely used in modern storage. The biggest feature is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, engineering structure made of steel, usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of section strucuture steel and steel plates; each part is connected by welding or bolts. The steel structure platform is usually to build a two-story or three-story fully assembled steel structure platform on the existing workshop site. One floor of the workshop space is changed to two or three floors, so that the upper space of the workshop can be fully utilized. This kind of demand is called by users as the workshop to increase the mezzanine. The load-bearing capacity of the steel structure platform is relatively large, usually 500KG per square meter. If the load-bearing requirement is large in some parts, it can also be designed to reach 800-1000KG/M2. Therefore, the goods must be transported by forklift to the steel structure second or third floor platform, and then transported to the designated location by hydraulic truck. The goods are transported to the second or third floor by forklift, lifting platform or conveyor belt, and then transported to the designated location. There are also customers who design the steel structure platform as an assembly line, assembly center or storage space. The column spacing of the steel structure platform is generally 3M~5M, not more than 6M. The height of the floor can be customized according to customer needs and the actual situation of the workshop.


Steel structure platform parameters: 

【Product name】Steel structure platform

[Column specifications] 120*120, 150*150, 200*200mm square tube, H-shaped steel

[Floor type] 2.0/2.5mm checkered steel plate, galvanized steel decking, perforated steel decking, steel grating, etc.

【Main beam】H-shaped steel

[Secondary beam] H-beam, C-beam or continuously rolled M-beam

【Fence】Square tube or round tube

[Unloading area] Slide/double door unloading port.

[Product Carrying] Carrying 500KG per square

[Product color] Industrial dark gray, dark blue, light gray, orange, yellow, etc., can be customized.

[Components] Columns, main beams, secondary beams, floor slabs, stairs, fences


Classification of steel structure platform: 

According to the requirements of use, it can be divided into indoor and indoor platforms, static and dynamic load platforms, production auxiliary platforms, and medium and heavy operation platforms.

According to the different support treatment methods, the platform structure can be divided into:

1) A platform that rests directly on the tripod or corbel of the plant column. The function is usually a safe passage or a simple medium-sized operating platform.

2) A platform supported on one side of the factory building column or building wall, and an independent column on the other side.

3) Platform supported on large equipment.

4) All are independent platforms.


For platforms that are subject to relatively large dynamic loads or heavy equipment, they should be designed to be separated from the plant column and directly supported on an independent column.

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