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1.    Product Description:
Carton Live Rack consists of frame and declined roller beds. Inventory is in standard transport container or carton. Store-in cartons or container slide from the roller chain to the pick face, when the front container is vacant and removed from the rack, the back container will slide to the pick face. It is good for (FIFO) storage concept.

2.  Basic components
Carton flow rack is composed of frames, beams and roller bed. The roller bed consists of a set of rollers designed to fit into a frame structure and mounted on the loading beams. There are also seperators or deviders for the partition of each sliding lanes. The system is designed for the storage of first in first out operation.

3. Advantages and Key benefits·   
         Complies with international norms and regulations
·        Offer compact storage, the space utilization rate can be up to 60-70%.
·        First in first out operation.
·        The design is suitable for different size of pallets
·        High quality of finish

Carton Live Rack is found in Distribution Center & Warehouse picking area, it also found in assemble line for the storage of assembly parts. The Carton Live Rack not only provides storage space, it also save space and increase efficient. It is the best system for assemble line and distribution center. Pick to Light systems can also be installed in the carton live racks.

The roller beds are installed into the flow racks, makes it efficiency to have the product flow though the stocking aisle to the picking aisle. The inclined front offers optimum visibility and access to the containers, which allows easy retrieval of more bulky merchandise with short storage time.

The roller tracks are used in a number of combinations, depending on the carton sizes, the quality of the carton and the weight.