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Radio Shuttle Racking System

 1.Product Specifications: 

Radio Shuttle is a semi-automated deep lane pallet storage and retrieval system. The shuttle system uses intelligent programming to deliver and retrieve pallets throughout deep bays of rack. Pallet Shuttle can be built as deep as needed because the shuttle does all the picking.

Storing pallets with Pallet Shuttle is done in a few simple steps: Lift truck places Pallet Shuttle on the rails of the row intended for pallet to be stored. The truck places the loaded pallet over the shuttle. Pallet Shuttle lifts the pallet, then transports the pallet safely and swiftly to the correct location.

Pallet Shuttle returns to the end to store the next pallet that the lift truck has placed on the rails to be stored. Retrieval of the pallets consist of the storing steps carried out in reverse.


2. Radio Shuttle Racking System structure:

2.1 Shuttle racking system: 

1. Frames

2. Double Support Arms

3. Supporting Beams.

4. Pallet rails

5.Single Support Arm

6. Bracings.

7. Top Beam

2.2 Pallet shuttles:


2.3 Batteries and chargers, Remote control:




3.  Characteristics and unique advantages: 

Although both semi-automatic and fully-automatic shuttles have similar features, depending on the specific characteristics and throughput of your distribution center, one may be better suited for your needs than the other.

3.1 Semi-automatic radio shuttle:

Shuttles transport pallets within storage channels and work directly with forklifts controlled by operators. Shuttles run on lithium batteries which can operate uninterrupted during 8 hour periods and can be easily and safely replaced when needed.

3.2 Fully-automatic radio shuttle:

Shuttles transport pallets within storage channels and work directly with shuttle cars or stacker cranes. Because they are compatible to function with stacker cranes, aisle widths can be significantly reduced with this system. Shuttle battery automatically charges when unit is docked with a shuttle car or stacker crane.

3.3 Advantages of both systems:

Compatible with FIFO and LIFO systems.

Radio shuttles can be programmed to compact goods at either the front or the rear of a storage lane. Shuttles are able to count pallets and provide real-time inventory control.