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Pallet Shuttle Storage System 

  1. Product Specifications: 

Pallet shuttle storage system is a deep lane storage and retrieval system. Pallet shuttle, or radio shuttle, is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. Together with manual forklift to store and transport the cargo with wirelessly controlled radio shuttle.

Cargo storing instruction is sent through wireless remote controller by forklift operator, who can also terminate the action which is being executed by wirelessly controlled radio shuttle. The first location on the end of rack is the location for forklift to pick and place cargo, and two working modes such as first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out can be selected.

Drive-in rack has an disadvantage that a forklift needs to place cargo onto rack by directly entering the racks, which affects the safety management efficiency in the warehouse. While a shuttle rack system, in which forklift only works in front of the racks, the cargo is transported to the designated location through radio shuttle.  What radio shuttle transfers between various channels is completed by forklift. This program largely improves work efficiency, which has achieved results of swift and safety.

2. Shuttle rack system structure:

2.1 The shuttle racking system: 

1. Frames

2. Double Support Arms

3. Supporting Beams.

4. Pallet rails

5.Single Support Arm

6. Bracings.

7. Top Beam

2.2 Pallet shuttle:



2.3 Batteries and Romete control:



3. Advantages of pallet shuttle system: 

  • Pallet Shuttle system is high density storage system combined with rack and forklift. It provides a large storage with effective space usage.
  • It allows the storage of different reference numbers per module.
  • More Efficient load and unload system which secures high accuracy.
  • Saving time to unload pallets.
  • Less damage to the racking units as forklift does not access the racking unit.
  • Fit for different pallet sizes.
  • Low temperature warehouse storage.

4.  Classification of  Pallet Shuttle




Function description




Standard version

Domestic servo driver, brush servo motor, empty-load speed: 1.0m/s, full load: 0.8m/s

Standard configuration



High speed version


Domestic high-speed servo motor, domestic customized driver, empty-load speed: 1.5m/s, full load: 1.0m/s


High speed configuration



High end version


Imported servo driver, brushless servo motor, highest speed: 1.5m/s, maintenance-free motor


All importing configuration


Heavy load version

For few domestic consumers with 2T load, speed may slightly reduced.

Heavy load configuration


Low temperature version


System is designed for low temperature resistance and moisture proof, and components are low temperature model, which can normally work under -25℃.

Absolute low temperature without heating


Network version

WMS management software, vehicle-mounted system and radio shuttle are integrated to realize remote operation of forklift operator.


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