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Our company name is the abbreviation of our values.

CALIN Stands for:

C-Credibility. We value Credibility as the key for the business. Acting with integrity and honest is vital. Once we make commitment to our client, we must keep our promise!

A-Ambitious.  Ambitious requires the passion,  the positive attitute, persistance and focus, which creates the aspiration for success.

L-Learning. In this rapid changing world, keep updated knowledge is the key to be positioned in the forefront of the market. We value ourselves as a Learning organization.

I-Innovation. For a sustainable business, continuous innovation and adaptation to the changing market will make us competitive.

N-Networking. Neworking is communication, linking and connecting. Communication is extremely vital among clients, partners and employees.  


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Tel: +86 13501650432
Email: sales@shcalin.com
Contact: Mr. Allan Guo
Address: Room 208, Block 5, 658 Jinzhong Road, DHU Tech Park,Changning District, Shanghai, China