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  1. Product Introduction:

Mobile rack without rails, is a special mobile racking application. The mobile racking is composed of Conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases, allowing opening and closing of the aisles. The mobile base normally has wheels and running on the floor rail. However, in some circumstances, floor rails can not be made on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the warehouse, the mobile racking can also be designed to have no floor rails. The wheels of mobile base can directly moving on the floor.


The mobile rack is operated manually or automatically by means of an integrated RF system, The PLC software may be adapted to the client's specific needs or linked to client's WMS. Safety is guaranteed by a photoelectric beam system. mounted on mobile rack upright. Adding P&D locations may further increase the warehouse efficiency, resulting in a higher return on investment.

2. Mobile base components: 

The mobile base is assembled on-site and is composed of a number of pre-assembled and single components. 
- A number of wheel-trains; 
- Beams; 
- Horizontal bracings, with fixed length, not adjustable; 
- Various small components

3. Guided rail setting up.

There will be a guided rail at the end of the row ends, which can make sure the mobile racking is moving in a straight line.



 4. Main functions for mobile rack:

Main functions:

  * PLC+ Remote Communication Module Control Mode,Decentralized control

  * Multi-functional one-button operation:one key start,stop,alarm and unlock.

  * Frequency conversion acceleration & reducer, dual speed operation.

  * Aisle Entry Detection

  * Powder On/Open Aisle Lock

  * Floor Obstacle Buffer Detection

  * Flexible Cable

  * Motor overload protection

  * Moving over-time Protection

  * Equal Spread, Specified Aisle

  * Manual/Auto Mode

  * Infrared remote control device

 5. Advantages of Mobile Rack

 ■ Up to 90% fewer racking aisles

■ Improved space utilization

■ Goods stored can be locked

■ Can be automated

■ First In-First Out can be achieved

■ Operational up to –30°C

■ Directly accessible storage positions

■ Saving in energy, operating and cleaning costs

■ Shorter travel distances

■ A space saving solution that is tailored to your individual needs

■ Installation in new and existing buildings

■ Modular installation concept that can be extended at any time