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Mezzanine steel platform



Mezzanine steel platform is a structure that creates a partial intermediate floor. Steel platforms, sometimes referred to as mezzanines, help utilize overhead warehouse space and can be custom designed to fit the specific needs and capabilities of your space. 

Steel platforms may be temporary or semi-permanent structures. Together with the mezzanine floor steel columns, the mezzanine floor is secure, and the storage space below is maximized.


Mezzanine steel platform are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured bolt together systems that install easily and efficiently into your facility footprint.

Installing mezzanine steel structures in your warehouse can double the space you have by adding levels to your existing facility. They can provide more space and save time without taking up any additional room on the ground floor space. These versatile structures create new areas for manufacturing, storage, and offices without the need to lease new space or construct new buildings.


Unlike conventional steel constructions, it can be easily expanded, moved or modified for future requirements. Combined with a full range of accessories, such as staircases, handrails and safety gates, it lends itself to use in almost any situation: multitier flooring systems, shelving and pallet racking systems combined with flooring, etc. Mezzanine steel platform flooring system has a wide variety of span lengths, with the loading capacity from 350 kg/m² up to 1000 kg/m².


Building a Warehouse storage mezzanine floor over your existing storage space (assuming you’re not using space in the vertical direction) can effectively double the floor space available to you. This extra space could have a substantial impact on your operations, helping to avoid the cost of moving premises and fit more into your existing capacity.




Mezzanine steel platform are designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and are perfect for heavy-commercial, manufacturing, and industrial settings. Benefit from additional space in your factory or warehouse by capitalizing on your available vertical space.



1. Mezzanine Support Columns

Each vertical mezzanine floor column is fire rated, and designed to match the load requirements of the particular project. The column profile and steel thickness is precisely judged. The positioning of columns and flexibility of the designs can cater to any space, and offers ample room below a mezzanine floor for storage solutions or other requirements.


2. Mezzanine Floor Main Support Beams

These steel support beams are bolted to plates welded on the top of the columns. Their thickness is determined by the unique loading requirements of the mezzanine floor project, as well as the spacing required between columns.


3. Mezzanine Floor Decking

There are three kinds of decking for the structural steel mezzanine project:

1.       Steel Checker plates. 2. Perforated Steel decking. 3. Galvanized Steel Grating