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FIFO Pallet Shuttle Rack system 

  1. Product Specifications: 

Pallet Shuttle Rack System consists of the shuttle and racking system. Forklift trucks are required to load ,offload and lift the shuttles with goods to a specific locations.Pallets loaded with goods will be stored and retrieved by the shuttles automatically at each level. Just press a button, the shuttle will carry the goods to the designated location.

Pallet Shuttle rack system makes it possible to quickly store, retrieve and manage products with its eco-friendly, modern design. It has been the ideal choice for ambient warehouses, manufacturing facilities, 3PL centers, freezer facilities and it can get your pallets moving at LIFO or FIFO.

2. Pallet Shuttle, Remote and Battery:




3. Compare with Pallet Shuttle Rack and Drive in Rack.

Drive-in rack has an disadvantage that a forklift needs to place cargo onto rack by directly entering the racks, which affects the safety management efficiency in the warehouse. While a shuttle rack system, in which forklift only works in front of the racks, the cargo is transported to the designated location through radio shuttle.  What radio shuttle transfers between various channels is completed by forklift. This program largely improves work efficiency, which has achieved results of swift and safety.

       The semi-automated picking and retrieval of pallets with Pallet Shuttle improves throughput in areas that need to utilize a deep rack system. However, Drive in can not increase the deep lane. The battery in Pallet Shuttle system is very energy efficient allowing it to be utilized in warehouses as well as reducing mileage on lift trucks helping to conserve further energy. The system cuts labor costs by implementing automation in the picking process making it more streamlined.