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Features of electric mobile racks


Features of electric mobile racks
In this issue, I will discuss with you the characteristics of mobile racks. With the improvement of modern enterprises' requirements for warehousing automation, the market has higher and higher requirements for the intensive storage capacity and safety of mobile racks. Mobile racks have won the trust of many companies for their dense storage, random access, simple operation, and high space utilization.
1. The outstanding feature of mobile racks is to improve the utilization of space. Each group of storage racks only needs one safety aisle, and the fixed pallet racks only serve two rows of storage racks on both sides of the safety aisle.Therefore, the storage function and efficiency of mobile racks are higher than those of ordinary pallet racks.Each row of movable racks is driven by a motor, and a mobile trolley system composed of a geared motor, a drive shaft and a wheel enables the pallet racks fixed on the trolley to move along the pre-embedded track. Mobile racks have the characteristics of improving space utilization, easy control and reliable. However, because the market popularity of mobile racks is not widely recognized, many customers are still unclear about the classification, advantages and disadvantages of mobile racks. Here I will tell you:
Second, the moving principle of mobile racksTwo rows of back-to-back storage racks are arranged on a mobile chassis. Each chassis is equipped with several drive shafts and geared motors. Press and hold the control button, the drive motor drives the goods on all chassis and storage shelves according to the sprocket, and moves along several ground rails paved on the floor, so that the electric forklift can enter the removed aisle to pick up the goods.
Third, the advantages of mobile racks1. The storage capacity is higher than that of general fixed storage racks, saving indoor space.2. It is suitable for low-frequency entry and exit operations in the case of warehouse SKUs with a small quantity and a large variety.3. Save land, and the utilization rate of warehouse space is up to 80%.4. Each pallet position can be randomly accessed, which can meet the requirements of first-in, first-out.5. The storage capacity of mobile racks can be increased to two to three times that of traditional pallet racks.6. Simple to construct and use.
Fourth, the shortcomings of mobile racks.1. It is not suitable for occasions where the frequency of in-out and out of the warehouse is high, or the throughput of in-out and out of the warehouse is large.2. The cost is higher than traditional pallet racks.3. The height of theracks should not be higher than 10 meters. 

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