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Features of automatic mini-load ASRS system


Features of automatic mini-load ASRS system


With the promotion and development of the racking industry in recent years, the promotion of automated three-dimensional warehouses has been particularly rapid. For those companies that use plastic bins to store goods, Calin Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd. can also design special automated three-dimensional warehouses.  Let's take a look at the characteristics of the box-type automated three-dimensional miniload ASRS.

 The bin-type automated Mini-load ASRS is to be designed according to the particularity of the material box. We all know that bins are generally stored in a stacking manner. Under normal circumstances, different types of bin stackers such as single-deep/double-deep, single-station/multi-station can be selected for transportation.

 Efficient warehousing of small parts is limited to the level of related processes and final performance indicators. With shorter access time, higher throughput, better space utilization, and the function of directly accessing each product, the automatic bin three-dimensional ASRS provides an ideal solution for the space-saving storage of small parts. In this system, you can choose to store the goods on the load-bearing arm or the load-bearing beam track to make full use of the space height. The more common rated load is 30-50 kg.

 The bin-type automated Minilload ASRS has many characteristics and advantages:

1. Like other automated ASRS SYSTEM, the main feature of the box-type MINILOAD is that it can make greater use of the space in the warehouse. Under normal circumstances, the space utilization rate of the box-type MINILOAD is 2-5 times that of ordinary shelves.

2. The use of automation is a smart device to store and retrieve the goods, which can reduce the damage to the bin and ensure the integrity of the product. When transporting those toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive goods, it can further ensure the safety of workers and reduce the chance of accidents.

3. Due to the high storage and retrieval efficiency of the bin-type ASRS SYSTEM, it can effectively promote the efficiency of the production chain, thereby forming a planned and arranged production chain, and greatly improving the production capacity of the entire warehouse.









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