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Explosion-proof electric mobile rack


Explosion-proof electric mobile rack


We all know that hazardous chemicals are generally flammable, explosive, and toxic. Flammable and hazardous chemicals without a safe storage environment are extremely easy to cause fires or the leakage of toxic chemicals, endangering people’s lives and property. .

Hazardous chemicals warehouses often encounter insufficient warehouse space when storing barreled and palletized products. If the goods are all stacked together, they will encounter the problem of inconvenient management of goods access. In this case, electric mobile racks are undoubtedly a better solution for dense access solutions that can be accessed randomly. Therefore, in this special flammable and explosive warehouse storage environment, explosion-proof electric mobile racks were born. The electric mobile rack itself can operate in harsher environments such as freezer and explosion-proof storage. 

The basic feature of electric mobile racks is to fix the racks on the mobile chassis, each group of racks are close together, and the entire area only needs one aisle. When the goods need to be picked up, the aisle of the row of racks is moved out. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of mobile racks is much higher than that of general fixed racks. The outstanding advantage is improved space utilization. 

The electrical control part of the explosion-proof electric mobile rack requires special treatment. It meets the national requirements for explosion-proof electrical regulations. Use explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof cables, explosion-proof wiring boxes, explosion-proof isolation junction boxes, etc., and divide the explosion-proof electrical control into indoor and outdoor systems to meet the national safety standards for explosion-proof warehouses.


Features of explosion-proof electric mobile rack:

1. The selection and installation of all related facilities and equipment meet the explosion-proof requirements of Class A and B hazardous chemical warehouses and can provide nationally certified explosion-proof certificates.

2. The equipment has a response and protection mechanism for sudden intrusion of personnel or equipment during operation

3. The mobile racking equipment can ensure that the materials are placed in place and will not fall or collide during operation.

4. The mobile racking equipment has a mechanism to prevent materials from leaking to the ground and running tracks

5. The mobile rack runs smoothly when the materials are placed stably, and there is no rack collision, dumping or material falling.

6. When the mobile shelves stop running, the channels can be evenly dispersed, which can facilitate and quickly carry out daily inspections on the materials on each shelf

7. The moving speed can meet the daily demand for in and out of the warehouse.

8. Sudden failure of equipment or interruption of energy supply, with a mechanism that can manually move the shelves to ensure the in and out of materials.

9. The equipment control system has the function of docking with the factory ERP to realize the automatic management of warehouse locations.


Fire protection requirements that the explosion-proof mobile rack can meet:

1. The layout of mobile shelves meets the five-distance requirements of hazardous chemical warehouses

2. The mobile rack layout retains the door-to-door main fire-fighting passage, and the passage must be at least 3m wide.

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