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Cold Store Radio Shuttle Car 

  1. Product Specifications:

The Cold store radio shuttle system is a semi-auto­mated Pallet Shuttle System, for the handling of goods inside chan­nels in a cold temperature environment similar to a drive-in setup. The Radio Shuttle System removes the need for forklift trucks to enter the aisles and hence offers a cost effective and time saving storage solution. 

The radio shuttle car is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. Together with manual forklift to store and transport the cargo with wirelessly controlled radio shuttle. 

2. Shuttle Car Technical Specifications:  


Basic data


Loading capacity max

Max 2000kg




0.8~1.5m/s (without load);

0.6~1.0m/s (with full load.)


Accelerate speed




Brush servo motor  48VDC  600W

DC servo motor


Lift height


Servo driver


Brush servo motor 48VDC  400-600W



Lithium iron phosphate battery   


Battery parameters

48V,40AH,working hours≥8h,charging time 3h,Chargeable:1000times

Free maintenance

Environment temp.




Polyurethane cushion and set sensors.


 3.0 Cold Store conditions:

  • Keep the shuttle always INSIDE the Cold Store
  • But charge the batteries always OUTSIDE the Cold Store
        charge only after warming up to normal temperature
  • Battery and shuttle must be completely dry before connecting
  • For existing Cold Store Rooms check for condensation or icing on rails, floors
  • For NEW Cold Store Warehouses check if a intermediate area is foreseen between ambient and frozen zone, humidity around a frozen storage zone is prohibited.


4.0 Advantages of cold storage using shuttle car

Cold storage warehouses benefit substantially from the installation of automated systems, especially radio shuttle systems. Some of the principal reasons these types of facilities depend so much on automated processes are:

  • Operators perform much less effectively when exposed to extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • These types of systems are specifically designed to effectively use available surface space and minimize leakage of cold in order to increase energy savings.
  • The use of stacker cranes allows for cold facilities to be built to over 130 feet in height.
  • Warehouse management systems allow for inventory to be constantly monitored, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of your temperature sensitive goods.