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1. In Nov. 2021, Calin Logistic supplied a  heavy-duty electrical mobile racking to a large textile industry client in Lahore, Pakistan. In a 1000 square meter warehouse, 1500 large pallets (size 1732mmW*1270mmD) are stored. There are 5 double-row mobile lanes in this project, each row is 45 meters long, the rack height is 8.5 meters, and 5 levels of large pallets are stored. 2 tons per storage level. One row of movable racking lane weighs about 250 tons.

Textile raw materials are placed on mobile racks through large steel containers, which solves the problem of insufficient space utilization for customers.The implementation of the electric mobile racking project has played a benchmark role in the textile industry in Pakistan, especially with the application of advanced semi-automatic compact storage solutions.



2. In the early of Year 2022, Calin Logistic completed another set of electric mobile racking project in Lahore, Pakistan, which stores different types of materials. The warehouse is less than 500 square meters, and the height is only 3.8 meters. Unlike the storage of whole pallets, this project stores cartons that are handled manually. Our company has designed this set of single-row mobile shelves, the shelf depth is 1200MM, and 2 rows of 600MM deep cartons can be placed and accessed from both sides of the shelf. The cartons can be stacked to a height of 1600MM, and then make the second layer of beams. The whole shelf has 2 layers, and each layer is equipped with galvanized mesh decking to provide an economical and cost -effective storage solution.

A set of movable telescope conveyor is used to feed and pick carton goods from the mobile rack. It only needs 1500MM wide aisle to operate in the mobile shelf, and then the mobile conveyor can be put into the aisle between the shelf to facilitate the operation of accessing the carton. This project has also been successfully completed in March this year.

3. Customizing special types of storage racking solutions is one of our specialties. As we all know, in the field of consumer-oriented commercial distribution, gravity pallet flow/ caron flow racks have been widely used, which are suitable for short-term storage of large quantities of goods on whole pallets and order picking of multi-SKU cartons. For a customer in New Caledonia, Oceania, Calin Logistic successfully planned, designed and supplied a palletized gravity pallet flow/carton flow integrated racking solution. Within the height range of less than 2.2 meters, the racks are equipped with 4-5 levels of carton flow bed for order picking, while the storage level higher than 2.2 meters is installed with 4 levels of pallet gravity racks for storing whole pallets. The total height of the racks is 8 meters. The gravity pallet flow racks are used for replenishment of the whole pallet, and the carton flow racks are used for order picking. Follow the first-in, first-out principle.

   4. Shuttle racking system is a popular high-density storage racking solution in recent years. Not only domestically, the Southeast Asian market is also increasingly demanding dense storage racking systems. Calin Logistic has completed a project of deep lane and highly dense shuttle racking system in Thailand.

The project's shuttle track tunnel is 55 meters long and 52 pallets deep. Shuttle racks are three stories high. A total of about 3000 pallet positions.

pallet shuttle system

The project is equipped with 5 units of standard radio shuttle devices, which can meet the inflow and outflow of 100 pallets per hour on the premise of meeting the high-density storage of pallets. The shuttle racking system has been more and more widely used, especially for the storage of large quantities of finished goods with less SKUs, which is one of the more suitable solutions.

5. Electric mobile pallet racking is another form of high density storage. It is not limited to the access to large batches of pallets with less SKUs like shuttle rack system, but is just suitable for access to small batches of multiple varieties of pallets with more SKUs. Although the overall cost is high, it does have its place in some occasions. Our company Calin Logistic supplied a complete set of electric mobile racks to Bangkok, Thailand in March, 2022. This project is applied to the -25°C cold storage, which can not only make full use of the space for storage in the limited cold storage, but also The movement in the cold storage can also accelerate the air flow of the cold air, which can maximize the energy consumption efficiency of the cold air. The mobile rack of the project is as high as 10 meters, storing 5 levels of pallets, each level stores 3 pallets, and the load is 2500KG/level.

mobile rack for cold store

The electrical control components of the cold storage such as PLC, circuit boards, etc. have undergone special temperature isolation treatment and heating devices, and the key electrical components such as motors are selected for the special type of cold storage. In order to ensure the stable operation of the electrical control system in the low temperature environment. This project is still in the process of installation and commissioning...

6. Traditional selective pallet racks have been widely used in the third-party logistics 3PL field. Our company Calin Logistic has successfully built 4 warehouses of high rise selective pallet racks in Ningbo Beilun Port during July to Nov. 2021. The customer is one of the 3PL for international logistics in BeiLun port. The traditional selective pallet racks are used, and the height of the racks is nearly 11 meters high. The selection of electric storage forklifts requires a working aisle of about 3.5 meters. The designed racking proposal takes into account the maximum utilization of space, and a temporary P/D (picking and dispatch) station is also designed at the end of each row of pallet racks as an additional temporary turnover storage space.

The pallet weight of this project is designed to carry about 800KG, including the ground to achieve 7-level pallet storage, each unit stores 3 pallets, and the beam length reaches 3400M.

7. ASRS automated warehouses are divided into pallet-load ASRS and mini-load ASRS warehouses according to the storage unit of goods. The bin-type automated warehouse is what we often call MINILOAD ASRS. In June, 2021 , our company Calin Logistic contracted to build a small MINILOAD rack system next to the production line for the Shanghai GM factory. The mini-load ASRS rack system is limited by the height of the factory, and only needs to be built to 7 meters high, but it can store 13 levels of plastic boxes. The size of the plastic box is 850W*1458D*360H, which is a larger load size than the conventional one. Each box is designed to carry 60KG. The fast MINILOAD stacker accesses the designated bins according to the production line requirements under the control of the warehouse management system.

miniload ASRS SYSTEM

8. Although the cost of electric mobile racks is relatively high compared with traditional racks, in some specific occasions, the use of electric mobile racks is still the best choice. Especially when you have goods of many SKUs but less volumes to be accessed, and they are all random access, each SKU needs to be 100% selective. At this time, mobile racking is one of the solutions that can be considered. Most high dense access solutions such as shuttle systems are sometimes not 100% selective in layout. Although the current fully automatic ASRS system or fully automatic four-way shuttle system can also realize 100% selective through software, the electric mobile racking still has an advantage in cost compared with the fully automatic system, after all, it still needs manual intervention. Semi-automated storage system.

Our company Calin Logistic built a set of electric mobile racks in Guang'an, Sichuan in June, 2021. The rack height is 8.5 meters, and the length of the movable mobile lane is nearly 30 meters. There are a total of 8 double mobile lanes. It can provide 1440 pallet spaces in 1000 square meters of warehouse space, which can at least double the storage space of traditional selective pallet racks.

9. Industrial racking systems are often considered as customized storage solutions. Due to the differences in the features of various industries, the materials that need to be stored and processed also have different characteristics. There are standard products in large pallets, many small and medium parts in cartons, belts that need to be hung, and long accesses such as shafts or profiles. Therefore, it is fundamental to provide customers with a set of storage solutions that meet the requirements.

Our company Calin Logistic provided a customized solution for a hardware accessories manufacturer in Estonia in April, 2021, which is to design and produce a storage system according to the above requirements, including heavy-duty long-span shelves for storing various heavier hardware components, the ground floor is stored in whole pallets. A set of small 2 tiers shelving was also built to store lighter components, complete with plastic box where small parts are stored on the shelves. On the other side, a wall-mounted wire mesh net is designed to store various belt products, and the wall-mounted net is also built into the form of two tiers racking, which can be stored on two floor levels. In another warehouse, cantilevered racks are used to store long shafts and extra-long pieces of profiles. The reasonable combination of these types of racking shelves solves the above storage problems of customers.

 10. The most common way of manual picking and storage is shelf-type shelving. Considering the height that can be picked manually, the general shelving are not more than 2 meters high. However, modern warehouses are generally built relatively high. In order to make full use of the height space to store small parts that need to be manually picked, loft-style shelves or multi-tier shelving system are derived.

Our company Calin Logistic manufactured and installed a set of mezzanine shelving system for an enterprise in Zhenjiang Private Economic Development Zone in August, 2021.


It is equipped with stairs and elevators to facilitate picking operations. The total height of the shelves is 4.5 meters, and there are two mezzanine floors. Each floor is 2.2 meters high, each unit of shelf units is 1.5 meters wide, 500MM deep, and each level has a load of 200KG for storing small parts. The steel flooring on the mezzanine is the solid steel floor panel, which is not only convenient for walking, but also suitable for the operation of picking trolleys and hydraulic hand trucks.







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