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Carton Live Flow Rack 

1.   Product Description:

Carton Live Flow Rack consists of frame and declined roller beds. Inventory is in standard transport container or carton. Store-in cartons or container slide from the roller chain to the pick face, when the front container is vacant and removed from the rack, the back container will slide to the pick face. It is good for (FIFO) storage concept. 

Carton Live Rack is found in Distribution Center & Warehouse picking area, it also found in assemble line for the storage of assembly parts. The Carton Live Flow Rack not only provides storage space, it also save space and increase efficient. It is the best system for assemble line and distribution center. Pick to Light systems can also be installed in the carton live racks.


2.  Product Details 

Carton live flow rack is composed of frames, beams and roller bed. The roller bed consists of a set of rollers designed to fit into a frame structure and mounted on the loading beams. The system is designed for the storage of first in first out operation.

2.1  Frames and Beams

Similar to long span racking, carton live flow rack has the same basic element such as frames and beams, the flow bed is fixed on the rack. 

2.2. Roller bed:

The roller bed is composed of a number of plastic rollers, C section frames and separators:


  Roller  features:


Dia. Of Wheels

Width of Wheels

Distance of Wheels


Aluminum Alloy





Aluminum Alloy





Metal Alloy





Metal Alloy






3. Material and Methodology: 

3.1 Raw material

The raw material of uprights and beams are structure carbon steel Q235B, equivalent to SS400.  The flow bed rollers are plastic PP material. The sliding tracks frame has two options: either Aluminum or Steel Cold formed material,

All components are manufactured to a code of practice as recommended by Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association(SEMA) and ISO 9001..


4.2 Paint finish

Parts contaminated with surface oil and dirt is first treated in the 5-stage-spray pretreatment plant. After the pretreatment process, the parts are dried in the dry-off oven at approximately 150 C to ensure removal of water and that the quality of phosphating is achieved.

Methodology:loading→degreasing→rinsing→phosphating→rinsing→ rinsing →

dry off →electric-static powder coating→baking→unloading;